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Welcome to Omaha and Creighton Medical School! This page is a collection of ideas and information to help you and your family transition to Omaha and stretch your student income.

For information on available Village Green townhouses click here.

Supplemental Programs
Health Insurance
Cars and Driving
Fun in Omaha


The area of town you live in makes a big difference. We have created a separate page to outline the pros and cons of the different sections of town.


Creighton Medical Student Housing Survey: It is not affiliated with Creighton University. You'll find students' listings and opinions on their housing situations.


  • Kiddie Condo Program: Coined “kiddie condos,” this is a law that gives both parents and students the advantages of homeownership. The idea is for parents to co-sign an FHA home loan rather then pay rent for their college student’s apartment. It offers no capital gains tax upon sell and allows a parent to purchase a home as if they were to occupy it. Parents then can deduct the mortgage interest, and students can build a credit history. Most Realtors are familiar with this program.
  • Buying a house in Omaha is something to consider.  Houses range from $60,000 to $200,000+.
  • Village Green Townhouses: This is a cooperative housing community sponsored by HUD. The monthly co-op fee ranges from $250-$350 a month. To get into a Village Green townhouse, you buy a cooperative share from someone who's moving. When a resident moves they can sell their share for a profit. We have created a separate page to explain Village Green in more detail. To see Village Green listings of available townhouses, click here.

Assistance with Housing Costs:


Public Schools
All the school districts have some great schools. We've heard parents from every district rave about their kids' schools. The quality of the public school has a lot to do with the neighborhood you live in. Typically though, the schools out West (Millard, Westside District 66, and some Omaha Public School District schools) have the best reputations. If you have kids K-12, you might want to consider living out west even though it is a longer commute to Creighton and housing costs more. Below are links to the school districts:

Magnet Schools
This program seeks to desegregate schools and provide families the opportunity to choose the school that best fits the student's learning needs. Will bus outside of residential boundaries. 402-557-2710.  Download a Magnet School PDF or visit the Magnet School website.

Private Schools
Omaha Archdiocese (Includes list of Catholic Schools)
Brownell Talbot School

More school information from the Chamber of Commerce


  • WIC (Women with Infant Children) is a program in which most student families qualify. It provides pregnant/nursing women and children under 5 with food (milk, eggs, peanut butter, cereal, formula, etc.). To find out if you qualify call 402-595-2284.
  • Nebraska Department of Social Services – Food Stamps Several families with a parent in medical school have qualified. Call the Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services at 402-595-2850
  • Energy Assistance 402-595-3608 energy costs can be very high with the hot summers and cold winters.
  • Kids Connection is Nebraska’s Medicaid program for children ages 0-18.  It provides full medical insurance and most pediatricians take it.  If you have kids, it is a lifesaver! To find out if you qualify call 402-595-1000.
  • Medicaid: Chances are if you qualify for Kids Connection, you will qualify for Medicaid when you or your spouse becomes pregnant. Many students' wives have qualified for full medical coverage under Medicaid when they have had a baby. Call 402-595-1000 for more information.

Students in Nebraska usually qualify for WIC and Kids Connection.


  • For dependent children try Kids Connection (see "Supplemental Programs" above.)
  • For Spouses:
    • Creighton Student Health (402-280-2735) has recently changed its insurance program. The cheaper policy averages $150/month.
    • Mutual of Omaha - 402-399-9300. HMO plan with pharmacy coverage. Around $55/month for the cheapest plan.
    • BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska ValuePlans are for people on limited budgets. The cheapest plans are around $70/month. 1-888-965-BLUE (2583)
  • Veteran Administration (402-346-8800) If you are a veteran of the armed forces there is a VA hospital in Omaha.


Omaha's public transportation system – Metro Area Transit (MAT) – is limited, and most residents drive to get to where they're going. Dodge is the main east-west road through town, and typically north-south streets are numbered, starting from the river and heading west. Keep in mind there are frequently 2 or even 3 streets with the same number sitting right next to each other; sometimes there is a 90th STREET and a 90th AVENUE, and sometimes they throw a CIRCLE in there too just to keep it interesting. The interstate system consists of I-80 going east-west, I-680 heads north off of I-80 in west Omaha, and I-480 heads north off of I-80 downtown.

Vehicle Licenses – You may want to maintain your home state registration for your car license plates; if so, you will need a Tax Exempt sticker from the Douglas County DMV (for Omaha residents). The cost is $5.00. To change your plates to Nebraska, you must first get your car inspected at the Douglas County Vehicle Inspection Office downtown. The cost is $10. Then you must bring your insurance and registration information to the County Treasurer's Office.

Driver's Licenses – By law, you must get your Nebraska driver's license within 30 days of moving here. The cost is $19.75 and you will have to give them your current license in exchange for a Nebraska one.

Visit the Nebraska Dept. of Motor Vehicles FAQ to find out more.


Department Stores

  • Von Maur
  • Younkers
  • Dillards

Super Stores

  • Wal-Mart/ Super Wal-Mart
  • Kmart
  • Shopko
  • Target/ SuperTarget
  • Sam's Club
  • CostCo to open sometime in 2008

Grocery Stores

  • Baker’s
  • Whole Foods
  • Wild Oats
  • Wohlner’s
  • HyVee
  • Bag N’ Save
  • SuperTarget
  • Super Saver
  • Super Wal-Mart
  • Aldi


Consignment for Children:

  • Reruns R Fun: "The Largest Consignment Sale in America" is in Omaha 2 times a year. Usually around October and April. For more info see website.
  • Munchkin Junction: A HUGE first class children's consignment sale held in the spring and the fall in West Omaha. Special Shopping times for Expecting and First time parents. Everything you need for infants to Jrs - name brand clothing, toys, lots of large items and more. For more information contact Jodi 690-1481 or
  • Ava Bella Kids Consignment: "Keeping Down the Cost of Growing Up" A TOP QUALITY kids consignment sale serving Omaha, from infants up to preteen, all things for maternity, nursing, baby accessories, big & small toys, strollers, car seats, bouncers, cribs, everything you could need. We guarantee our consignor's items so they trust us with the best! Join our mailing list and get in early to our preview sales to get the best deals. They're the first to go...Visit their website: for details on upcoming sales, schedules, and full details.
  • Take2 Kid’s Consignment Sale


Thrift Stores for Children and Adults:

  • Goodwill (4 locations in Omaha – 42nd & Pacific, 84th & Center, 108th & Maple, 144th & Old "L")
  • Salvation Army: fair selection, great prices

Mall shopping is abundant with many national chains: Dillard’s, Younkers, Old Navy, Gap (kids and baby included), Gymboree, Children’s Place, etc.


  • Nebraska Furniture Mart (midtown; gigantic furniture and electronics store)
  • Old Market (downtown; historic neighborhood featuring boutiques, restaurants and bars, and entertainment)



The area's largest employers include:

  1. Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue
  2. Alegent Health health-care provider
  3. Omaha Public Schools
  4. First Data Corp. (FDR) credit-card processing company
  5. Methodist Health System
  6. Mutual of Omaha insurance provider
  7. Nebraska Health System
  8. West Corp. telemarketing services
  9. Conagra Food
  10. Union Pacific Railroad


Because there are so many fun things to do with families in Omaha, we have created a separate page to list those activities.Click here for a list of Omaha family venues.We are continually adding to this list. Let us know if you discover a place that should be listed or a way to save money with these activities.